Frequently Asked Questions and Disclosures

Do you give free estimates free?

Yes- and it’s highly recommended!


Payment and Tipping?

All local moving is C.O.D. and we accept cash, check or card. All intrastate moving within Washington payable by card and or certified funds. All interstate moving out of Washington is C.O.D payable by card or certified funds. Tipping is upon the discretion and satisfaction of the customer! Let us earn the tip!


Senior and Military Discounts?

Yes. We are a veteran-owned company and definitely appreciate your service! Please inquire when you call.


Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. Our Household Goods # with the Washington State Utilities Commission (regulatory agency) is 11855. Our Interstate US DOT # is 482337 and held through Wheaton Van Lines- this allows us to operate outside state lines.


What about the weather?

We operate in inclement weather. However, the safety of our employees is paramount and most decisions will be made the morning of and depend on current conditions. If rain and snow occur, we take every precaution to do it safely and without damage.


How do you protect items?

Moving pads, shrink wrap, and professional equipment. We also have door, raining, and floor protection.


Wait time?

See disclosures below- we recommend against closing and moving on the same day to avoid wait time, or having to off load and re-load trucks. We operate trucks daily need to unload them by the end of the day. In some instances, we can hold overnight or rent 3rd party trucks at a small fee to help out. If wait time is unavoidable, we do reduce the hourly rate to be fair.


What about firearms?

It is best if you move them yourself. But if we are transporting on a local move, firearms must be in a locked carrying case and disclosed. Firearms can be transported out of state in a locked carrying case and disclosed.



What about damage and insurance?

Basic protection is free for all local and intrastate moving at .60 per pound per item. Other options are available but Help-U-Move guarantees everything we do without up-charging for unnecessary insurance.  Wheaton Van Lines offers insurance for out of state moving and will be discussed during your estimate.


Are there hidden fees?

We disclose all moving costs during the estimate. The only tax would be on retail materials purchase.


What about weekends?

We know Saturday is an important moving day and we do NOT up-charge. Sunday’s are an option depending on available movers.


What about gun safes, pianos, hot tubs and pool tables?

We handle all these items. Depending on the weight and disassembly/assembly needed, it can be costly to move single items. We always recommend having your piano tuned after moving it as internal parts can shift.


What don’t you move? And what about live plants and planters?

We do not move hazardous chemicals (gas, propane), pets and cars. Live plants and planters with soil cannot be moved on intrastate and interstate moves. Live plants and planters with soil on a local move will be determined on a case by case basis.

Disclosures - Important Lawyer Stuff!

We can do almost anything and everything when it comes to moving. However, there are some things we need to disclose to get the job done safely, efficiently and within the time quoted.


Volume Changes- We base the time on initial walk through and if you add or subtract items, it may change the quoted time. If there is additional volume, we reserve the right to add and charge for additional movers to get the job done safely and within a reasonable time.


Travel Time- All moving companies charge travel time from the time we leave until we return!


Over the Phone Estimates- We do not guarantee the accuracy of estimates done over the phone. We always recommend free in-home estimates.


Damage Reports- Our movers take the utmost care in moving you. Be aware, we will disclose and document any pre-existing damage prior and during the move on a damage report.


Same Day Closing and Wait Time- If it can be avoided, do not close and move on the same day. We do charge wait time and, in most instances, we cannot hold overnight. To avoid having to pay for off and re-loading temporarily, please allow for enough time between moves.


Appliances and Electronics- We assume no liability for internal damage to electronics and appliances during the normal course of the move. Exceptions include “gross negligence”, meaning if the item was dropped, crushed, or loaded improperly. We cannot legally connect or disconnect washer and dryers, fridges, stoves and dishwashers. More so, we recommend hiring an appliance expert should your fridge require the doors to be removed in order to move.


Packing- We are not liable for items in boxes that we did not pack. Exceptions include “gross negligence”, meaning if the item was dropped, crushed, or loaded improperly.


Heavy/Bulky Items- Items such as gun safes, pianos, pool tables, and hot tubs can be dangerous to move. We need an accurate idea of weight and access at the pick up and destination. If these things are not disclosed properly, we reserve the right to add and charge for additional movers to do it safely.


Third Party Load/Unload Only- If we are loading a 3rd party container or truck it your responsibly to provide the pads necessary to protect your items. We assume NO liability for the move once the truck is loaded and you’ve signed off. The type of truck, how it is driven, and if it is handled again, is out of our control.


Storage Units- Items moved into our warehouse are insured, protected and inventoried. Items moved into a 3rd party storage unit will be protected and organized professionally but our liability ends once the door is closed. More so, in most instances, you must provide your own moving pads as we need ours back!