5 Cost Saving Tips

We all want to save money! And we are happy to offer full-service moves. However, the best way to reduce your overall cost is to prepare your items and reduce volume by discarding or transporting it yourself. Here are 5 common sense tips to save you time and money.

1. Prepare!

Everything boxed and taped shut, stacked 4ft high, and staged in a central loading location such as the garage and living room. Have beds broken down and other furniture such as dresser mirrors, table legs, and multi-piece desk dissembled. Either box up or stack pictures neatly for efficient loading. Interior or exteriors doors removed if necessary. Fridge doors removed if necessary. Lighter items brought up or down from basements and 2nd floors. On occasion we do get snow. Please have driveways and walkways clear of snow. We can do that, but it will add to your time.

We are not asking you to do our job, but the more prep you do, the less it takes to load and delivery

2. Reduce Volume!

It is not our place to tell you what to take and not to take, but the more you have, the longer it will take! If you have the ability to move smaller items (pictures, lamps, light boxes) please do so.

3. Organize!

Boxes labeled by room. In some cases, mark furniture that is going vs. not going. Make sure hallways and driveways are navigable to easy access.

4. Damage Reports

Our movers are trained to do a walk-through for liability. To save a little time, make note beforehand of pre-existing damage to your items!

5. Power of 3!

If your volume is ¾ to a full truck load, requires stairs at either end, and has some assembly and disassembly, we recommend 3 movers for efficiency. 3 professional movers with those variables will get the job done in less time than 2 and you will pay about the same.